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Welcome to my World
The Young and the restless and General Hospital 
6th-Jul-2013 05:18 pm
 hi everyone!
I know two posts in one day that's pretty heavy but I just needed to talk about my soaps for a few minutes..

 I can totally see why the young and the restless is the number one daytime soap opera for 23 years..  the stories are really good and may get you hooked pretty quickly now as you may know Steve Burton jumped ship and is now on Y&R.. I understand why he shows so leave GH... he always had something like 60 pages  of dialogue per day and was heavily involved in many of the storylines  on the show.  he was unable to spend much time with his family since they moved to Tennessee..  but I firmly believe that he will be back someday because they didn't they never found Jason's body and his name is still being uttered by multiple characters on the show..  I really miss him on GH of course because he in my opinion is an essential part of the show he was on their for 21 years.  CBS was able to work with him managed to  cut his work load considerably only having him work a couple days a week.  this enables  him to  in have the best of both worlds because it's clear he enjoys working and he enjoys his family as well and Lord knows all his fans enjoys seeing him on our TV screens myself included. I love his character there are so many skeletons in his closet that no one knows about yet and I think some of it is about to come out of the closet and Cause some problems with Dylan's relationships.  I love Dylan and Chelsea together I know she's lying to him about the baby but they are utterly adorable together.  there's so much chemistry  between the two actors and it really shows on screen quite nicely.   some parts of the story reminds me a lot of Jason when I first started watching GH in 2003.  at that time Jason was having a rocky marriage to Courtney who happened to be a blonde. on  the Young and the restless until it came to town wanting to get back together with a blonde.   on GH Jason starts to fall for Sam while she is pregnant with his best friend's baby take the part about his best friend and the stories are eerily similar he is now falling in love and proposing to Chelsea just like Jason wanted to marry Sam when she was pregnant.  but I guess if you look hard enough you could find a lot of similarities in all soap operas.  but needless to say I'm hooked either way.  I am turning out to be huge fan of Sharon and Nick  on the Young and the restless those two have so much chemistry it is unreal I go on YouTube a lot and watch some of their clips from years ago and all my God how did I not fall in love with the young and the restless like 10 years ago.  I firmly believe that Sharon and make our heading towards a reconciliation and I am so excited about it.   I know Sharon has her issues.  one of the biggest problems is her being in love with her babies kidnapper.  I like them as friends don't get me wrong but as the couple I just don't see it..  I see chemistry between Adam and Melanie or at least I'm starting to.  I was starting to get warmed up on Victoria and Billy's  marriage but after a while I lost interest but I see it has a lot of potential with Chloe.  so I would like to see if the writers are going to go there now that Victoria kicked Billy out of the house because of his gambling..  so it will be interesting if they put the two couples that I'm really interested in back together.


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