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Welcome to my World
school and other stuff 
6th-Jul-2013 04:07 pm

Hi everyone!

 I finally decided what my major is really going to be  it took me several years to actually make one of the easiest decisions of my life go figure.  I'm going to be a psychology major with a minor in history.  for a long while I've been a double major in history and political science but  I've quickly realized that political science wasn't really my true passion.In order for me to be a history major I would have to write a 25 page research paper and that's a lot of research and writing for me especially because it's so time consuming and I get so nervous writing papers that I make myself sick.  but I have enough history classes to graduate with the use stream minor actually I have more than enough but I'm okay with that.  I have all the classes except one for my psychology degree plus a language.

 now that I'm on summer break I plan on doing more creative writing about jasam  and a couple years ago I started a Spike and Buffy story but I have since lost the flash drive with the story on it..  so I may have to rewrite this story from my memory I basically know the general storyline but I really want to get back into writing I mean you guys have read my stories.  I just have to get my muses to cooperate.

 so wish me luck on my future endeavor into the world of my writing I may have to chain my muses down next to the keyboard and make them talk.. I may need some ideas from you guys on  general ideas for stories if I continue hitting this brick wall that I have been faced with for the past two or three years.


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