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Welcome to my World
Wait wait what? GH spoilers mentioned 
20th-Sep-2012 08:55 pm
I love you Sam
Hi everyone!

I can't believe GH is pulling this..  while apparently Jason and Sam are going to try and work out their marriage yes!  however on October 1 Sam and John are trying to figure out their feelings for each other yeah okay.  it seems like every week Sam is between John and Jason.  first involves Sam sign the divorce papers this week  I think because she saw Elizabeth and Jason Kissling when she had originally gone to the penthouse to try and work something out with him.  next week she runs into Jason at the Chinese restaurant where they were married and make kids and agree to work on their marriage I think that's on the 24  exactly a week later she's trying to figure out what her feelings are for John McBain??  how bout  the writers drop this ridiculous storyline.
 I've read some other storylines that tell me that Elizabeth is going to kind of go off the deep end.  she is going to know that Jason is the father of Sam's baby but won't tell Jason about it because she wants him all to herself.  apparently Steve Burton's  exit will leave the door open in case he wants to come back just like they did with Kimberly McCullough. Now the only question is who I support for Sam when Jason leaves I mean I will always be a Jason and Sam fan regardless but it may be a little unrealistic to not want her with anyone else but him.

 I'm going to try to get tickets to see Steve when he does his public appearances in October.  wish me luck

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