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Welcome to my World
WTF GH? I am thisclose to saying goodbye for a long while... and spoilers mentioned 
9th-Aug-2012 05:41 pm
Hey everyone!!

Some spoilers will be mentioned below you have been warned

  it seems as if on Friday Jason and Sam have decided to end their marriage..  as I said in my previous post  Kelly  and Steve didn't play  these scenes as they're really getting a divorce they just don't know what to do with each other..  I don't believe for a second that Sam would have ever kissed John McBain if she wasn't drunk she's madly in love with her husband she just can't deal with the fact that  the reason that Sam lost the baby is because John was lying on the side of the road 

 first of all I can't believe that Sam  confessed her feelings to her younger sister about John McBain as far as I know this admission of feelings has come from nowhere...

 since they kissed in the beginning of July how many times has Sam thought about John McBain or mentioned him on screen other than the conversation with Alexis and Jason...  and maybe once or twice in a conversation with Elizabeth so I don't know where  this notion that she can  confesses to came from because it certainly wasn't shown on screen meaning no flashbacks or anything

 John McBain and Sam have known each other for all of 6 months and now there talking about how much they're going to miss each other now that they're going to be apart for a while umm  this literally does not make sense and for Sam to suggest that she talked to Natalie about their relationship isn't going to help matters..  I mean what the hell is Sam going to tell Natalie I'll I'm sorry I was drunk when I kissed your husband  it meant nothing however I did mention to my sister that I've been thinking about your husband more often than I should..  so maybe that meant something after all... and I forgot to mention  I am also married  

 it's time for Sam to stop mooning over this virtual stranger that she has this mysterious unexplained connection with and figure out what's going on with Heather and Todd...

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