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Welcome to my World
Some spoilers I've read from Kelly Monaco's fan event on Sunday. 
24th-Jul-2012 05:25 pm
I love you Sam

Hi everyone!!

I am going to give a little recap of what I heard to place at Kelly Monaco's fan event on Sunday.

basically I read this on dominoes and tequila a hugely popular Jason and Sam message board.

several of the members there actually went to the event

Kelly likes working with Michael Easton but she loves working with Steve Burton.
her favorite pairing for her character is Jasam.. they have a really rich history since they've been together for almost 9 years.

it's easy working with Michael because they have chemistry from their previous show Port Charles.

Kelly doesn't think that it's plausible that Jason and Sam would have broken up because of her relationship with John

) Steve were disappointed with the way the storyline went because Jason and Sam had almost gotten what they've always wanted but then more angst was thrown in.

she and Steve filmed Jasam's breakup scene on Friday however she said that the fans will be able to tell that Jason and Sam are madly in love despite what comes out of their mouths

she also mentioned that Sam still doesn't know that Jason is the biological father of the baby.

she loves working with the actor that plays Todd.

there are a lot of scenes coming up between her and Nancy (Alexis) they got in trouble because they were having too much fun during the filming of their scenes on Friday.

and Kelly mentioned that she would like to eventually address Sam's abandonment issues from her father.

it's hard to walk away from the emotional scenes but she loves that her character is being written smarter i.e. that Sam has trouble believing her baby is actually dead.

the thing that she hates about her character is that Sam tends to let men walk all over her.

and she also mentioned both the executive producer and head writer are very keen on getting feedback from fans so all is not lost if we don't like something.

Kelly mentioned that she is working on a clothing line that would be from women 25 to 45 and her target outlets are Walmart and Kmart.

while that's it for me I tried to remember as much as I could from the recounts that I read on D&T.


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