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Welcome to my World
Severe thunderstorms and other stuff  
18th-Jul-2012 09:41 pm
Derek Girl
Hello everyone!

I know you guys are probably all thinking the world is ending she's updating her journal much too frequently.. don't worry as far as I know the world isn't ending.

The weather has been absolutely crazy lately like most of the country in my area we are experiencing an extreme heat wave. not only that but and humidity is absolutely crazy it was broadcasted that in my area severe thunderstorms were going to be rolling in the row most of the afternoon and night of course with severe thunderstorms you have blackouts Walt in all seriousness my house experienced like 5 blackouts in a couple hours most of them lasted less than 5 min. but when you're watching TV or watching a recording on your DVR when you experience those blackouts it becomes severely frustrating because your program starts at the beginning instead of pausing where you left off and if you're watching something on on demand you have to start all over again unless you push the page up button which fast forwards any program by 5 min. regardless of if it's on demand or a program that is on your DVR.

well Steve Burton was interviewed at the post-Emmy party by a leading soap reporter/insider Michael Fairman apparently Steve explains that although he doesn't want to go through this kind of drama with Jasam he understands why this storyline is unfolding the way that it has been. apparent leave the writers just want people to talk about the story lines which creates buzz regardless of whether or not it's positive or negative.. they just are concerned about the ratings. I don't want General Hospital to be canceled so I still am recording it basically every day whether or not I decide to watch it is another thing entirely. identify should probably start watching the show again because there are some story lines that I do enjoy I just hate that Jason and Sam aren't really together right now
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