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Welcome to my World
Beyond frustrated with General Hospital 
16th-Jul-2012 11:54 pm
Jasam kiss already
Hey everyone!

I have a lot of things that I need to get off my chest right now. I pretty much can't watch General Hospital anymore this thing that aggravates me the most about the show are the majority of the storylines I have waited 8 years for Jason and Sam to finally have a biological child and when that finally happens the baby switched with a dead one it was heartbreaking when Sam lost her daughter because she was stillborn if even more heartbreaking that we know that her baby is actually being passed off as someone else's. I do understand that the head writer and executive producer came to General Hospital from the canceled sister soap One Life To Live and it's only natural that some of the characters would end up in Port Charles but I hardly see the point in turning GH into OLTL I never really watched that show to begin with so some of the story lines that were created from this new regime seem a little far-fetched in my opinion and completely out of character for the characters that I've known for 9 years. till I honestly believe that Sam would have kissed another man when she was married just because they're having marital problems I didn't think it would happen especially after the summer of 2006 the only difference is Sam and Jason kissed other people instead of having sex with them in my personal opinion I don't see how Sam and John could be in each other's orbit as much as they are RC is just trying to capitalize on the fact that Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton played star-crossed lovers on a soap that was canceled 9 years ago if he expects me to jump ship and support them instead of Jason and Sam he has another thing coming. now there are hardly any spoilers for Jason and Sam I don't think Kelly and Steve have any scenes together until 10 days from now at least that's what I've heard throughout the Internet. originally they had writer had always said that this storyline was going to be angst for Jason and Sam but this is pure torture. and I hear that RC takes a substantial amount of time to tell a story how long is this going to last? I am really thinking of taking General Hospital off my DVR because I will not subject myself to this kind of storytelling.

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17th-Jul-2012 07:37 pm (UTC)
I also didn't watch OLTL so were both in the same boat. if you want I could try and explain some of the plot line so that you could have some familiarity with the current storyline.

when was the last time you watched the show?
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