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 hi everyone!
I know two posts in one day that's pretty heavy but I just needed to talk about my soaps for a few minutes..

 I can totally see why the young and the restless is the number one daytime soap opera for 23 years..  the stories are really good and may get you hooked pretty quickly now as you may know Steve Burton jumped ship and is now on Y&R.. I understand why he shows so leave GH... he always had something like 60 pages  of dialogue per day and was heavily involved in many of the storylines  on the show.  he was unable to spend much time with his family since they moved to Tennessee..  but I firmly believe that he will be back someday because they didn't they never found Jason's body and his name is still being uttered by multiple characters on the show..  I really miss him on GH of course because he in my opinion is an essential part of the show he was on their for 21 years.  CBS was able to work with him managed to  cut his work load considerably only having him work a couple days a week.  this enables  him to  in have the best of both worlds because it's clear he enjoys working and he enjoys his family as well and Lord knows all his fans enjoys seeing him on our TV screens myself included. I love his character there are so many skeletons in his closet that no one knows about yet and I think some of it is about to come out of the closet and Cause some problems with Dylan's relationships.  I love Dylan and Chelsea together I know she's lying to him about the baby but they are utterly adorable together.  there's so much chemistry  between the two actors and it really shows on screen quite nicely.   some parts of the story reminds me a lot of Jason when I first started watching GH in 2003.  at that time Jason was having a rocky marriage to Courtney who happened to be a blonde. on  the Young and the restless until it came to town wanting to get back together with a blonde.   on GH Jason starts to fall for Sam while she is pregnant with his best friend's baby take the part about his best friend and the stories are eerily similar he is now falling in love and proposing to Chelsea just like Jason wanted to marry Sam when she was pregnant.  but I guess if you look hard enough you could find a lot of similarities in all soap operas.  but needless to say I'm hooked either way.  I am turning out to be huge fan of Sharon and Nick  on the Young and the restless those two have so much chemistry it is unreal I go on YouTube a lot and watch some of their clips from years ago and all my God how did I not fall in love with the young and the restless like 10 years ago.  I firmly believe that Sharon and make our heading towards a reconciliation and I am so excited about it.   I know Sharon has her issues.  one of the biggest problems is her being in love with her babies kidnapper.  I like them as friends don't get me wrong but as the couple I just don't see it..  I see chemistry between Adam and Melanie or at least I'm starting to.  I was starting to get warmed up on Victoria and Billy's  marriage but after a while I lost interest but I see it has a lot of potential with Chloe.  so I would like to see if the writers are going to go there now that Victoria kicked Billy out of the house because of his gambling..  so it will be interesting if they put the two couples that I'm really interested in back together.


6th-Jul-2013 04:07 pm - school and other stuff

Hi everyone!

 I finally decided what my major is really going to be  it took me several years to actually make one of the easiest decisions of my life go figure.  I'm going to be a psychology major with a minor in history.  for a long while I've been a double major in history and political science but  I've quickly realized that political science wasn't really my true passion.In order for me to be a history major I would have to write a 25 page research paper and that's a lot of research and writing for me especially because it's so time consuming and I get so nervous writing papers that I make myself sick.  but I have enough history classes to graduate with the use stream minor actually I have more than enough but I'm okay with that.  I have all the classes except one for my psychology degree plus a language.

 now that I'm on summer break I plan on doing more creative writing about jasam  and a couple years ago I started a Spike and Buffy story but I have since lost the flash drive with the story on it..  so I may have to rewrite this story from my memory I basically know the general storyline but I really want to get back into writing I mean you guys have read my stories.  I just have to get my muses to cooperate.

 so wish me luck on my future endeavor into the world of my writing I may have to chain my muses down next to the keyboard and make them talk.. I may need some ideas from you guys on  general ideas for stories if I continue hitting this brick wall that I have been faced with for the past two or three years.


Rainbow Bright
 Hi everyone!
 I know it's been a long time since I've posted and I'm really sorry I know you guys are probably curious what it's been going on..  nothing really has been going on except the usual school and stuff..  I hope everything is cool with you guys and I will be posting more I promise
 if you love any questions or comments on my journal
 please reply to what I write so that I know you guys are still interested.

Laterz  but not for too long I promise I will upload another chapter of underneath the ashes over the summer I'm going to be working on it more over a year since I've actually wrote any  more but it's 11 chapters  I still have a lot of story to tell I just have to wait for my muse to wake up from the coma she's been in for the last 1 to 2 years LOL
20th-Sep-2012 08:55 pm - Wait wait what? GH spoilers mentioned
I love you Sam
Hi everyone!

I can't believe GH is pulling this..  while apparently Jason and Sam are going to try and work out their marriage yes!  however on October 1 Sam and John are trying to figure out their feelings for each other yeah okay.  it seems like every week Sam is between John and Jason.  first involves Sam sign the divorce papers this week  I think because she saw Elizabeth and Jason Kissling when she had originally gone to the penthouse to try and work something out with him.  next week she runs into Jason at the Chinese restaurant where they were married and make kids and agree to work on their marriage I think that's on the 24  exactly a week later she's trying to figure out what her feelings are for John McBain??  how bout  the writers drop this ridiculous storyline.
 I've read some other storylines that tell me that Elizabeth is going to kind of go off the deep end.  she is going to know that Jason is the father of Sam's baby but won't tell Jason about it because she wants him all to herself.  apparently Steve Burton's  exit will leave the door open in case he wants to come back just like they did with Kimberly McCullough. Now the only question is who I support for Sam when Jason leaves I mean I will always be a Jason and Sam fan regardless but it may be a little unrealistic to not want her with anyone else but him.

 I'm going to try to get tickets to see Steve when he does his public appearances in October.  wish me luck

I love you Sam

Hi everyone!
 I'm super sad.  after 21 years Steve Burton has decided to quit General Hospital I firmly believe it's because the powers that be are not receptive to a lighter workload schedule for him his family recently moved to Tennessee but before that he had told other fans that he would be more than willing to commute to do the show.. However the powers that be seem to want to turn General Hospital into OLTL  which means there are probably going to pair  Sam with John now that pairing makes me nauseous..

Hey everyone!!

Some spoilers will be mentioned below you have been warned

  it seems as if on Friday Jason and Sam have decided to end their marriage..  as I said in my previous post  Kelly  and Steve didn't play  these scenes as they're really getting a divorce they just don't know what to do with each other..  I don't believe for a second that Sam would have ever kissed John McBain if she wasn't drunk she's madly in love with her husband she just can't deal with the fact that  the reason that Sam lost the baby is because John was lying on the side of the road 

 first of all I can't believe that Sam  confessed her feelings to her younger sister about John McBain as far as I know this admission of feelings has come from nowhere...

 since they kissed in the beginning of July how many times has Sam thought about John McBain or mentioned him on screen other than the conversation with Alexis and Jason...  and maybe once or twice in a conversation with Elizabeth so I don't know where  this notion that she can  confesses to came from because it certainly wasn't shown on screen meaning no flashbacks or anything

 John McBain and Sam have known each other for all of 6 months and now there talking about how much they're going to miss each other now that they're going to be apart for a while umm  this literally does not make sense and for Sam to suggest that she talked to Natalie about their relationship isn't going to help matters..  I mean what the hell is Sam going to tell Natalie I'll I'm sorry I was drunk when I kissed your husband  it meant nothing however I did mention to my sister that I've been thinking about your husband more often than I should..  so maybe that meant something after all... and I forgot to mention  I am also married  

 it's time for Sam to stop mooning over this virtual stranger that she has this mysterious unexplained connection with and figure out what's going on with Heather and Todd...

I love you Sam

Hi everyone!!

I am going to give a little recap of what I heard to place at Kelly Monaco's fan event on Sunday.

basically I read this on dominoes and tequila a hugely popular Jason and Sam message board.

several of the members there actually went to the event

Kelly likes working with Michael Easton but she loves working with Steve Burton.
her favorite pairing for her character is Jasam.. they have a really rich history since they've been together for almost 9 years.

it's easy working with Michael because they have chemistry from their previous show Port Charles.

Kelly doesn't think that it's plausible that Jason and Sam would have broken up because of her relationship with John

) Steve were disappointed with the way the storyline went because Jason and Sam had almost gotten what they've always wanted but then more angst was thrown in.

she and Steve filmed Jasam's breakup scene on Friday however she said that the fans will be able to tell that Jason and Sam are madly in love despite what comes out of their mouths

she also mentioned that Sam still doesn't know that Jason is the biological father of the baby.

she loves working with the actor that plays Todd.

there are a lot of scenes coming up between her and Nancy (Alexis) they got in trouble because they were having too much fun during the filming of their scenes on Friday.

and Kelly mentioned that she would like to eventually address Sam's abandonment issues from her father.

it's hard to walk away from the emotional scenes but she loves that her character is being written smarter i.e. that Sam has trouble believing her baby is actually dead.

the thing that she hates about her character is that Sam tends to let men walk all over her.

and she also mentioned both the executive producer and head writer are very keen on getting feedback from fans so all is not lost if we don't like something.

Kelly mentioned that she is working on a clothing line that would be from women 25 to 45 and her target outlets are Walmart and Kmart.

while that's it for me I tried to remember as much as I could from the recounts that I read on D&T.


Sonny and Carly
I don't know what's going on with the show but Kimberly McCullough was on Thursday and yesterday's GH the last time we saw a robin she was somewhere trapped in what look like a hospital room screaming to be reunited with her husband and daughter now Patrick saw a robin I don't know if he was hallucinating because of the medicine he's been using or if Robin was actually there because she's in danger and needs Patrick to come and help her.. look is in so much trouble it is unbelievable he is currently tied to a chair being held hostage by Heather and Todd is Heather's henchmen who was forced to do her bidding. but regardless I think Olivia is in major trouble because Heather just waltzed right in a name needs costume with a tray of ice tea which I'm pretty sure is filled with LSD since that's what she claimed to Luke. he thinks she is actually out for Anna instead. we know that she has a lot of enemies in Port Charles so she could be gearing up to take them all out by using LSD like that's always worked out for her before NOT.

a bunch of my friends are at fan club weekend right now the recaps are interesting but since there is a ban on giving away too much information am wondering how much they are actually allowed to tell us about..

I've heard from the grapevine that Kristen Storms the actress who played Maxie before the current Maxie filled in for her last year because Kristen was sick is actually on her way back to GH

I am officially a Starr and Michael fan when she performed at the haunted Star her eyes were glued to Michael's I think they actually make a really good couple.. that was actually who I wanted Starr to hook up with when she got to Port Charles. I think they make a great couple.

Comments are appreciated

18th-Jul-2012 09:41 pm - Severe thunderstorms and other stuff
Derek Girl
Hello everyone!

I know you guys are probably all thinking the world is ending she's updating her journal much too frequently.. don't worry as far as I know the world isn't ending.

The weather has been absolutely crazy lately like most of the country in my area we are experiencing an extreme heat wave. not only that but and humidity is absolutely crazy it was broadcasted that in my area severe thunderstorms were going to be rolling in the row most of the afternoon and night of course with severe thunderstorms you have blackouts Walt in all seriousness my house experienced like 5 blackouts in a couple hours most of them lasted less than 5 min. but when you're watching TV or watching a recording on your DVR when you experience those blackouts it becomes severely frustrating because your program starts at the beginning instead of pausing where you left off and if you're watching something on on demand you have to start all over again unless you push the page up button which fast forwards any program by 5 min. regardless of if it's on demand or a program that is on your DVR.

well Steve Burton was interviewed at the post-Emmy party by a leading soap reporter/insider Michael Fairman apparently Steve explains that although he doesn't want to go through this kind of drama with Jasam he understands why this storyline is unfolding the way that it has been. apparent leave the writers just want people to talk about the story lines which creates buzz regardless of whether or not it's positive or negative.. they just are concerned about the ratings. I don't want General Hospital to be canceled so I still am recording it basically every day whether or not I decide to watch it is another thing entirely. identify should probably start watching the show again because there are some story lines that I do enjoy I just hate that Jason and Sam aren't really together right now
Jasam kiss already
Hey everyone!

I have a lot of things that I need to get off my chest right now. I pretty much can't watch General Hospital anymore this thing that aggravates me the most about the show are the majority of the storylines I have waited 8 years for Jason and Sam to finally have a biological child and when that finally happens the baby switched with a dead one it was heartbreaking when Sam lost her daughter because she was stillborn if even more heartbreaking that we know that her baby is actually being passed off as someone else's. I do understand that the head writer and executive producer came to General Hospital from the canceled sister soap One Life To Live and it's only natural that some of the characters would end up in Port Charles but I hardly see the point in turning GH into OLTL I never really watched that show to begin with so some of the story lines that were created from this new regime seem a little far-fetched in my opinion and completely out of character for the characters that I've known for 9 years. till I honestly believe that Sam would have kissed another man when she was married just because they're having marital problems I didn't think it would happen especially after the summer of 2006 the only difference is Sam and Jason kissed other people instead of having sex with them in my personal opinion I don't see how Sam and John could be in each other's orbit as much as they are RC is just trying to capitalize on the fact that Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton played star-crossed lovers on a soap that was canceled 9 years ago if he expects me to jump ship and support them instead of Jason and Sam he has another thing coming. now there are hardly any spoilers for Jason and Sam I don't think Kelly and Steve have any scenes together until 10 days from now at least that's what I've heard throughout the Internet. originally they had writer had always said that this storyline was going to be angst for Jason and Sam but this is pure torture. and I hear that RC takes a substantial amount of time to tell a story how long is this going to last? I am really thinking of taking General Hospital off my DVR because I will not subject myself to this kind of storytelling.

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